Kensington resident

Well here I am on the hottest day of the year, on a ward in The Brompton Hospital. I cannot explain how hot it is in here! This week has been a bit of an adventure and it’s time to log it in another blog post.

On Tuesday I had a horrible day. I couldn’t get out of bed for palpitations, fear of fainting and breathlessness. That meant my heart was struggling and I was starting to get a bit scared. I let my nurse know that I wasn’t feeling great and really dropped myself in it. She called back to let me know that they wanted to admit me to The Brompton so I could be monitored for a ‘day or 2’. On Wednesday, a bed became available and I was admitted to my favourite hospital. I’m now a resident of Kensington, darling.

It’s been a strange few days where the plan for my treatment and the birth of our bambino has changed every few hours. At one point on Wednesday night, I have to admit I did have a melt down about it all. Turns out that my heart, while “not happy” (to quote my Doctor) is doing OK and can hang in there another week or so to get me to the dreamy 36 weeks. My colitis however has come out of nowhere to completely kibosh the whole situation and royally screw us over. I knew my symptoms weren’t great but I’d been putting up with it, not taking it very seriously. I should have taken it more seriously. The strain that the inflammation is putting on my body overall means I’m dehydrated (but at the same time retaining fluid on my lungs), not absorbing nutrients from food, anaemic and I’m losing blood which is putting strain on my heart and reducing my blood pressure to dangerous levels. Mother f**ker!

I will never underestimate this stupid disease again. Annoyingly, if I don’t get it treated then I could get really quite sick which could see me in hospital for a while after the baby is born and none of us want that. The drugs they need to use to treat it can’t be given when there’s a baby inside me. The docs are trying to work out some other treatment to give me to get me well enough for the next week or so. If they can’t, it’s baby time!

The plan changes hour by hour and Ben and I will update those that have been in touch with the final plan once we know it. We will be given a due date at some point soon and we will be keeping that between us and our close family for now. We really appreciate all of the amazing support our friends and family have given us in these last few weeks. Thanks for stopping us both having melt downs! Feel free to get in touch if you fancy a chat. I may just be slow to reply. Maybe just a few more weeks of crazy to go and hopefully we’ll be home and ready to mingle!

I have to say, hospital has been quite a nice break and we’re both feeling really upbeat and positive. I’ve done a lot of relaxing, chatting to lovely nurses, receiving incredible treatment and exploring more of the King’s Road when I can manage a walk. I’m also feeling a lot better than I was last Tuesday – mainly thanks to my new best friend Furosemide, which helps reduce the water retention in my body. I’ve de-swollen (huge relief) and I can breathe again!

I rave about this hospital but I truly wonder whether there’s a better one in the world. I can’t wait till I’m asking you all to support me in some fundraising for this place..! Ha.

Thank god for the new season of OITNB.

The lovely view from the ward.

Lumpy, bumpy and me with our new buddy Mr Monitor. He goes everywhere with us.


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