A note for baby Ziggy.

(Written at 4.45am, Friday 24th November 2017)

I thought I knew what it would be like when you came along, atleast had some sort of an idea. How wrong I was.

These last 4.5 months have been a rollercoaster. They’ve been so tiring, sometimes painful, often challenging, almost always emotional but educating, highly rewarding, life affirming, very interesting and down right absolutely incredible. I can’t believe I see you discover everything for the first time. 

You already have your ways…

The way you look at me from across the room.

The way you raise your left eyebrow when you’re inquisitive. Or being cheeky.

The way you smile, whole mouth open, when you’re happiest.

The way you cackle when I tickle you.

The way you grab something you’ve not seen before, and instantly try and put it in your mouth.

The way you chat to daddy when he comes home from work. Are you telling him all about your day?

The way you smile, giggle and shake with excitement when we dance with you.  

The way you look at Dave the dog.

The way you are so happy when you’re naked on a changing mat.

The way you drink, and drink, and drink.

The way you look up and out at the world around you, with your big blue eyes, when you’re in your sling.

The way you smile and chat at everyone you meet.

The way you bury your face in my chest when you’re shy. 

The way you rub your rosy red eyes when you’re tired. 

The way you fall asleep on my chest, and snore like an old man.

The way we snuggle after your 4.30am feed.

The way you lie in some mornings, like today: hating to be stirred, like a teenager already.

Thank you for being all that you are.


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