About Me

Me and Ben at Glasto

Me and Ben at Glasto

I am Lucy Grace White (nee Fenner), 29 from Esher, Surrey. I suffer from various diseases that mean I’ve had to adapt my life to be gluten free, dairy free and much more relaxed and stress free than it used to be. I love running, cooking, eating, music, drawing, fundraising and talking about colitis, heart problems and organ donation. Not your normal hobbies there, I suppose.

In 2014 I gave up my job at Oxfam and went travelling around South East Asia for 6 months with my husband Ben. We got married in August 2014. In 2015 I moved back into a new marketing role at Oxfam, in Oxford, UK. I also have my own business as a wedding planner: Wiskow and White.

I love talking to people who read my blog, perhaps you have colitis or cardiomyopathy too – please get in contact if you’d like at l.fenner@hotmail.co.uk . You can follow me on twitter @lucyfenner or instagram @lucy4175


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