Ulcerative Colitis (UC) is one of two Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD); a disease that affects the large intestine or rectum. It causes inflammation and ulcers on the inside lining of the colon resulting in pain, urgent and bloody stools, as well as continual tiredness.  The condition varies as to how much of the colon is affected and the severity of the symptoms also fluctuates unpredictably over time. Patients are likely to experience flare-ups in between intervals of reduced symptoms. There is no cure for UC at present but medicines are used to try and reduce and control symptoms.
I’ve been diagnosed with UC since 2010 and have consistently suffered symptoms as described above. I’ve taken big steps to control my UC as medicines I’ve been prescribed haven’t helped much. I’ve changed my diet to be completely gluten free and dairy free and removed other foods from my diet. More recently I’ve been more strict in making sure my body gets the nutrients it needs and to give myself more energy and have adapted my own special diet and lifestlye. I also exercise daily to, as I say ‘keep my tummy happy’. I’ll be updating my blog with UC friendly recipes and as I continue to discover what makes me feel better and worse I’ll write it in my blog.

I suffered with symptoms of UC for 2 years before I was diagnosed and had to go private to get a proper consultation as 3 different Doctor surgery’s said I had IBS. If you suffer the above symptoms, pursue your Doctor and, if you’re brave enough, insist on a colonoscopy!

For more information on Colitis and Crohn’s visit Chron’s and Colitis UK.



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