01 – From the beginning

Over the next 6 months I’ll be writing this blog in an effort to document the trials and tribulations of my 2013 London Marathon journey. I’m going to be completely honest about my experience in the hope that I encourage others to challenge themselves even if they find running hard – like I do.

I took part in the 2011 London Marathon. It was first ever marathon and I ran it all on my own, without stopping. Something I’m very proud of. It was hard but there is something horribly addictive about it that makes me want to do it again. I’m not sure whether it’s the challenge of doing a better time, the challenge of actually just completing it again or whether I’m trying to prove something to myself about my various health issues (more on that later). I do know that it’s definitely a great opportunity for me to fundraise for 2 charities that I’m very passionate about: Harefield and Brompton Hospitals and Oxfam. You’ll hear more about them very soon.

This time, I’m running the marathon with someone: my lovely boyfriend Ben. It’s going to be an interesting test of our relationship! So, we have less than 22 weeks to fully prepare for a marathon. Let’s see how we get on!


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