13 – A fresh start

Thank you to everyone who’s read my blog since my news last week. So many of you contacted me, sponsored me, signed up to give blood and committed to organ donation. I was overwhelmed by the response. After pondering for a while I’ve decided that I will definitely walk the marathon!

So here we go again: training round 2. With just 4 weeks to go till the marathon I’m starting to train for a walking marathon. All completely different muscles and mental strength needed. The mentality is going to be the hardest to sort out. I knew that I could run a marathon, I’ve done that before, I’m not sure I can walk one! I’m going to be upset, frustrated, bored, lonely and will have to put up with crowds shouting ‘Keep running!’. It’s going to take me 6+ hours. I really hope the crowds and support hang around long enough to egg me on. I’m going to need it!

Well are you?

I know that I’m very lucky to get a ballot place in the London marathon and to be able to walk it. I can’t pass this opportunity up. To make the most of it I’m going to create an awesome, mega motivational playlist (any suggestions please send them to me!), take a camera with me and I’m desperately trying to find a drop out place so that my mum can walk it with me.

Mum’s are the best aren’t they? As soon as Dr Prasad told me I couldn’t run the marathon last week, she jumped straight in, ‘I’ll walk it with you!”. Mum’s got cardiomyopathy too so it’d be the two of us heart cripples beating it together. If you know of someone that’s dropped out of this year’s London Marathon and not yet given their place back to the Virgin London Marathon, please get in contact if you think they may let mum have their place. Thank you.

The other part of the plan is to get as many hits to my blog as possible and spread my story as far as I can. A kind friend in the PR team at work has written me a strategy and press releases for my walking marathon and we’re going to try and get coverage in as many magazines, blogs and social media areas as possible, all to raise awareness of cardiomyopathy and the urgent need for organ donation. As lots of you told me you’d signed up to organ donation from reading my blog, I’m spurred on to get as many people involved and signed up as possible. We can save lives! Simply spread the word and encourage others to sign up and you’ll be helping to save the lives of people like my brother who was a fit 20 year old just before he needed his heart transplant. If you have twitter, please RT my blog and use the hashtag #lucysmarathon

I’ll keep you posted on the training, support and general shenanigans of my new found challenge!

Sign up to organ donation

Sponsor Lucy


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