18 – 12 hours

In 12 hours I’ll be in Greenwich waiting for the marathon to start. Crikey! It’s been a roller coaster. Back in October 2011 when I got my ballot place I decided I’d run London again in 2013. I’d done the marathon that year for Oxfam and The Brompton and raised £20k. I don’t think I could ever have imagined it turning out like this. When I wrote my blog title ‘ups and downs of my marathon journey’ I didn’t think it would be this up and down!

In October last year I encouraged Ben to sign up to London and we started training together. Every weekend we’d do our long runs together which slowly grew from 6 to 13 miles. We ran through shit loads of snow this winter and were really excited about achieving this together. We raised money through cake sales, handbag sales and an auction of promises. We’ve had an amazing amount of generous sponsors throughout our marathon.

March 8th we ran 15 miles and felt strong. March 12th I was told I couldn’t run the marathon. I didn’t know what to do with that information but within the space of a week we had a place for mum, lots more sponsorship, PR coverage secured, mum and i had walked 13 miles and Ben had done his first training run alone.

I’m not one to be openly soppy but…I am so proud of Ben. Through bad knees, bad news and bad weather he’s trained for this marathon. He’s got to get up tomorrow and run 26.2 miles with all of the amazing 30,000 other runners. When he crosses that finish line he will have achieved something absolutely amazing and I’m sad I won’t be there to hug him. But he will have his family and his Oxfamily there to look after him. Ben’s looked after me so much through all of this. He is amazing. Please look out for him if you’re cheering. He’s hard to miss at 6ft 7 with a bright green Oxfam vest on. Go Benny!

To everyone who has sent me a nice message, hugged me when I’ve been sad, walked with me, sponsored me, donated a prize to the auction, a cake or a lot of handbags (!) – THANK YOU. I feel like I have a massive group of people behind me pushing me through. Soppy but true.

Speak to you tomorrow!


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