02 – The fundraising’s off the ground

I’m the running manager at Oxfam which means I’m meant to be a fundraising expert! The pressure’s on to hit my target on this one! There’s also the added pressure of caring an incredible amount about the charities I’m running for and the small fact that last time I did the London Marathon I raised £20,000.

This week I’ve done a cake sale at Oxfam. The brownies I baked went down a storm, described by the generous crowd as, “the best brownies I’ve ever had” and “criminally good”. That’ll be all that sugar and butter! I raised £25. Great start.

This morning I sent Ben off with a cake tin full of brownies to fundraise where he works: UKIP Media and Events. Surely a team of designers and editors will have polished those bad boys off by 12pm latest!

You’ll see I’ve also got my treasure map up in the kitchen at work (above). You get one of these in every running pack so it’s a great way for me to practice what I preach. I hope to fill every square and raise £150 (after prize money). Easy!

I’ve got the  buzz now…here we come £5000! There’s something just so amazing about raising money for charity. I love it and I’d recommend it to anyone – it can be so simple and fun!


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