04 – Training challenges

This week’s been really hard for training. What with the snow, various Christmas drinks, a very busy week of work and a flare up in my colitis, I’ve found it really hard to find the time and energy to get out and run. I’ve managed 2 early morning runs which have been absolutely freezing! Ben and I have a long run planned tomorrow which will be a good run in the bank.

Whenever I have a flare up my energy is completely zapped and I feel really sick. Sometimes running can make this better, sometimes it can make it a lot worse. At these times I struggle to find the motivation to run and that’s when I think of others who have much bigger challenges every day of their lives but still get up and get on with what they have to do. These are the people I run and fundraise for and that’s why every bit of fundraising we do and sponsorship that we get helps to get me up off the sofa and out there running.

I’m taking the right medication and eating the right foods so hopefully my flare up will go away and I can get back to training properly! I’ll keep you posted.


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