07 – All clear!

Yesterday I visited the Royal Brompton hospital in London for my 6 monthly MRI results. This is the magical place that has looked after my brother along with the rest of my family on so many occasions.

In 2008 my brother was fitted with an ICD. Much like a pace maker, this mini internal defibrillator works to monitor heart rate. If the heart dips below a certain bpm it’ll shock it back to life. In the same year The Brompton started monitoring mine and my mum, dad and other brother’s hearts too. This was also when we started helping with research into inherited heart conditions.

In 2010 my family spent a month going back and forth to The Brompton while my brothers health was deteriorating. Whenever I visit I remember the day he was moved by ambulance to Harefield hospital where he’d later have his heart transplant. He was so ill then that he could have suffered cardiac arrest on the journey, so they whisked him through London to Harefield. What a day! Luckily he got there fine and that’s where he stayed for the next 2 months waiting for his transplant.

Sometimes people forget that heart disease is the UK’s biggest killer. These 2 hospitals work to look after those suffering with the disease and undertake ground breaking research. Hopefully you can see why it’s so important that we support these hospitals and want to fundraise as much as we can.

Yesterday I met my consultant who talked me through my most recent results (and showed me an MRI of my whole body which was in sane!). The bad news is that my heart has got weaker again but they want me to keep exercising. So much so I’m allowed to run the marathon – as long as I take it easy and watch out for certain symptoms. Wahoo! High on this news, I went and walked down The Mall to get me all pumped up for race day. It bought back memories of last time I ran the marathon and really put the fear in me!

So with the all clear and a new found fear of this 26.2 miles, it’s all about cranking up those miles and getting that fundraising pouring in. Just 12 weeks, £4.5k to raise and over 350 miles to run!

You can sponsor me and support the Brompton and Harefield here: http://www.virginmoneygiving.com/fenben


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