09 – Join the organ donor register

transplantThis week’s been a tough one. I’ve been in hospital with my heart problems and there’s a large organ donation drive all over the TV and press.

ITV have launched a massive campaign to get people signed up to the organ donor list. It’s obviously saved my brother’s life so I think it’s extremely important but seeing someone so close go through it can make it hard to hear about it. We watched my brother go from a strong man to a man unable to move or talk with multiple organ failure. The campaign has been on the news every morning and all over twitter and it’s just a reminder of how incredibly important it is for people to sign up.

My brother’s 23 in March. If his donor hadn’t signed up or their family hadn’t decided to donate my brother would have died 22 days after his 20th birthday. Only 1/3rd of the UK population are signed up to the organ donor register. This may seem like a lot of people but most people won’t know how many things have to match up for you to receive organ donation; from blood type, to health, to weight, artery size, there are about 100 different things that have to match up to make transplants possible. When my brother went on the emergency heart transplant list he had 3 days to live. His heart came 2 days later. Add all this together and you can see why we sometimes describe our family as a lucky bunch; we’ve been blessed with my brother’s heart.

So please, please sign up todayFor people you don’t now. For me, I may need a new heart one day. And for you, it could be you that needs a transplant in the future.

Sign up today: Join the organ donor register

Read more about how a heart transplant works


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