Freefrom Product Reviews

I don’t often eat gluten free products but when I really need a treat or want to eat the same as everyone, I go for it. I’ve tried most things in that good old ‘freeform’ aisle…

                                                     Bread – This has got a lot better over the last few years. Warburton hands down win this category! Tsliced-brown-loaf-400g-pack-shotheir white, brown or sweet bread and their range of rolls are just excellent and the closest thing to real bread I’ve ever tasted. Products and restaurants that stock their products are on their website.

Wraps – Again Warburtons are the best although a little thick. I tried BeFree and they completely fell apart – don’t go there!

Pizza base – I’ve tried quite a lot of these as a quick and easy fix. Thing is, they’re all a bit rubbish and come out like cardboard. Sainsbury’s own is the best of a bad bunch. I’d recommend making your own base and cooking on a proper pizza tray – it feels like you’re eating a real pizza! My pizza base recipe is here.

Cakes – Genius chocolate cupcakes. That is all. They are so naughty, but so epic.